• 318 Lee High Street, Lewisham, near Blackheath, South East London, SE13 5PJ
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excellent service and a nice atmosphere... for Panas Gurkha Restaurant

excellent service and a nice atmosphere

My friend and I went to this place about a year ago on a groupon deal and had the best curry we had ever experienced. It was outstanding. Tender, perfectly cooked chicken, beautiful spices, delicate flavours - stunning. Then we went back this year to re-live the experience (we had to travel a fair distance) and left rather disappointed. I had the exact same dish I had last time (Jalfrezi) but it was completely different (bland, basic and boring) to my first experience and no better than something I could get around the corner at Brick Lane. Not sure if the chef has changed or the recipe has changed but it was definitely different. But the place has excellent service and a nice atmosphere so ideal if you're looking for an average curry.

Gillo, Local at Nov 25, 2015